Little baby brother arrived

The little baby brother arrived in a rush after Sunday lunch at the Botanics. This time we had a good home water birth although it seemed much more painful than the first time. But it was brilliant to be able to raid the fridge in the night and to get onto the internet and computer and send pictures and reports to friends and relatives straight away. And it is so much more relaxing if you know who is coming through the bedroom door and when.
Since then we had been very busy with our two-year-old toddler who is keen to test out any rules from not bringing sand into the house to not playing with the toilet water or throwing about the cat litter.
Asking the health visitor what to do and she said it might help just to keep the big brother busy with lots of nice things to do, so we have been testing out as many soft play centres as we could find in Edinburgh. We have been going to Amazone at The Kabin in Loanhead, which is nicely located in and at a community centre, but the soft play area and the cafe are quite small and it was a bit overrun with kids of all ages and parents.
Scrambles at the Edinburgh Indoor Climbing Arena is fantastic and a lot is going on there in the huge building which is located in an old quarry. However it is much more expensive and basically, you need a car to go there with the kids. I like that you can watch the climbers from the cafe on the different walls. It is very fascinating.
We might have to move towards the end of the year as my partner’s work is closing down in Edinburgh.


Comment by Micah B on 2012-08-23 04:44:49 +0100

The kids are great. There really rock. Doing well and plenty of fun, fun, fun. Supper active.

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