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1.What are these webpages about? Why have they been set up? What is the aim?
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2. articles on theoretical backgrounds
link to a selection of articles

3. interesting books and magazines

book of the month:
mai 2001: "Pregnancy and Birth, in Support Of Autonomy" WHIC, Clydeside Press Glasgow
june 2001: "(Un)comfortably Numb - A Prison Requiem" by Maureen Maguire, Luath Press, Edinburgh
july 2001: "The Scottish Suffragettes" by Leah Leneman, NMS publishing

more book reviews in 2002

Anarchist-Feminist Bibliographie
Anarchist-feminist books

Bellow (UK)

4. graphics, comics, poems etc. on feminism

5. prisoner support
support female political prisoners

6. women in society:

women onto computers:
women and Linux ,

women as refugees

women trafficking

7. women friendly events? Women only spaces? A discussion:

"WOMEN SPEAK OUT":22.-24. November 2002 in Manchester!

A women friendly event should offer at least a women space only, a creche, a women only sleeping area. It should make clear, that sexist behaviour is not tolerated at this event, as well as no racist, fascist attitude. Women might have special needs to be able to attend an event, e.g. women with kids, or pregnant women, or disabled women should not be excluded, just because the organisers haven't considered their needs.

A general discussion about the "women space only" was raised, when preparing for an event. As well as women, who don't want to take part in "women space only" considered it to be unnecessary and a waste of resources, considerations were raised, how other groups and workshops, activities etc. would actually be influenced by an absence of women, if they gather in a "women space only". Another view was, that the atmosphere and the group dynamics would be much, much better in a "womens space only" than in mixed groups. Here are the views of some activists and parts of the discussion as well as links and documents related to this issue (to be extended in near future):

a female view
a male individual, long term activists view

more discussion

women speak out ( EF! Action Update)



some women friendly events

8. links to other feminist, or women friendly and supportive, groups, webpages, feminist issues etc.

list of organisations and contact addresses

merchandising: list of shops etc. which specialise in fanarticles etc.

links on the internet to groups concerned with feminsim, anarchist-feminist issues

9. links to non-feminist important political webpages


10. looking for something special? Just do a quick search here:

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