First Potty success

Our little one used his potty today for the first time! He is sooo clever and such a well-behaved boy (most of the time). He is having his “G” phase now loving the “Ging Gang Gully” song, the Googlies books and everything “good”.
Also, he loves baby-led weaning, he is munching away anything he can get hold of.  However, we are all having a bit of a bad cold at the moment and our little one had extremely flushed red hot cheeks and swollen eyes on Thursday and Saturday in particular we are wondering if that is his first allergy too? We tried to find the allergen but as he puts everything into his mouth now it could be just about anything.  I have the slight impression that it is a bit better now but could be because we have been out and about a lot – it seems to be something in the house unless it is connected to this bad cold we have which is going round at the moment.

I have got such a blocked nose I find it hard to sleep so got up for a lemsip and a blog entry.


Comment by Micah on 2011-03-24 03:33:59 +0100

“Ging Gang Goolie”

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