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Just looking at the stats for this blog.

One of the most often viewed and linked to entries is the unique article about the “Wild West” in Edinburgh, summarising the history of the cinema at Springvalley Gardens. Its also  linked from a website about the  buildings of  Scotland’s Cinemas ,  which includes a lot of historical entries like the Springvalley Gardens Cinema, with pictures from inside of the building. I always loved this house for its character, its surroundings and its atmosphere, it is something really special.

The other most popular entry is of course “How to catch a lost hamster”. It seems like in the whole wide world of the Internet nobody else has tackled such an ordinary but yet difficult problem. Fluffy would be proud of his contribution to hamster welfare, would he still be alive. The entry has 72 comments all of people chasing after their little pet. I never really replied to any of them as all the principles of catching a hamster escapee are either in the article or in the video and I don’t have the time unfortunately, either, for personal hamster catching advice.

At the moment this personal blog has about 150 visitors looking at the site per day.


Comment by asim on 2010-01-03 16:27:34 +0100

love that hamster post – lots of love 2 u all at fidra court! xasim

Comment by Tom Allan on 2010-02-08 14:28:41 +0100

Hi Ulla, just found the site, like it very much and great links! Thanks for linking to the nose.

Would love to talk to you about sharing content like your bin-workers audio on a creative commons basis some time.

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