Application of Serious Crime Act against Indymedia

I am so pissed, that I can’t even tell you how. After Indymedia’s server in Britain, in Manchester was seized in January, Kent police arrested some server hosting guy in  Sheffield on Monday. Now I am wondering first of all, of what the bloody Kent police is doing in Sheffield and in Manchester – shouldn’t they care about what’s happening in their area rather than tinkering around all over the country? Second of all, they are claiming to hunt for the IP of an anonymous poster of a comment on the forum like alternative news outlet Indymedia. Now how can it be that some person posts a comment on an open-publishing website which is actually removed pretty quickly is at all relevant to anything?

I am so sad that nobody, apart from the Register is actually reporting on that repression, nobody apart from Paul Bradshaw blogging about it, no civil rights lobby group has yet taken it on.

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