Korona scales are the best!

I promised to write a positive blog entry about the firm that kindly exchanged my faulty digital kitchen scales. Due to my own fault, I lost the receipt when buying these scales several years ago in Saturn, a German electronic warehouse famous for its good offers. I tried out the scales quickly as in switching them on and then took them with me over to Edinburgh, where I realised these were switching themselves off too quickly to be working properly. The batteries might have been too old for the scales not weighing, so it took me some more years to buy a number of batteries. Anyways after 2-3 years I  realised that  I had never used the scales and considered throwing them away in a big tidy-up action.

Looking up the company on the internet, I realised that KORONA was actually giving 5 years of guarantee on the scales, and that they still had the digital kitchen scale “Jenny”, which looked exactly like mine, featured on their website in their product range.

When buying the scale I initially wanted to go for a solar-powered digital scale which was only offered by Kuechen Loesch in Nuernberg, but the only range ever produced was withdrawn as there had been too many customer complaints, so I wanted to go for a similar design – a scale which would also be useful to weigh letters and parcels, and have a range from 1g to 5kg, as well as a flat platform to use with whatever packaging or container would be to hand and which would be solid and easy to clean and as cheap as possible.

So I decided to try and talk to the customer services and send in the scale as we are really skint at the moment here in Edinburgh and we don’t have the money to buy a new one. So I am really pleased and happy to say that the KORONA company is going to give us a new digital scale for free and even upgraded the model!

Even though they are not legally obliged to at all as I don’t have the receipt anymore and also legally there is only half a year of guarantee which is usually only binding to the shop selling it directly to the customer, they responded positively to me pleading for an exchange!

I am very happy and pleased indeed, and hopefully, it will be working for a long time! And I am very doubtful I would have got such a nice and good service from any company here in Britain. I was wondering if it makes sense to buy products in Germany to take over to Scotland, but with such a service it certainly does!

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