Worms arrival

The first two wormeries arrived today and it was fun putting them together. The Can-O-Worms seems to be rather more useable than the worm factory because the worm factory has its legs actually only clipped on and I am a bit scared that it isn’t secure enough if the weight of the compost and the worms increases; also that it could go brittle after some years.
Anyways, Danni and Charlie are going to test out other wormeries which are cheaper, but have no legs like the EcoWormery; and the Executive Wormery is not only green but also UV-light resistant so it should be doing well on a south-facing balcony.
However, some of the wormies did escape from their packaging and caused me to run around trying to catch them all in my flat without squashing them. They might be very important for the ecosystem but the worms are certainly not very bright.

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