Animal problems solved?

One of my top articles is still “How to catch a lost hamster” with about 60 comments. This gets me thinking – there are always practical animal problems no expert book solves.

Like how to introduce adult unrelated guinea pigs to each other. The expert books usually just say to not do it, but practically most guinea pigs are sold in pairs and thereby one is likely to die before the other.
And it was a really tricky task to get Minilli to accept Misty. Guinea Lee was more open-minded, but Minilli was very jealous. Interestingly, as soon as I went on holidays, they all got on well together, mainly because they had to move into an unknown to all and exciting new environment. And Minilli and Guinea Lee accepted Misty there immediately; they seemed to be even relieved that she was also there, as it was another environmental factor they knew from home when moving into the new outdoor hutch with run.

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