Nuremberg Time

For the last weeks, I have been visiting friends and relatives in Nuremberg in Germany.  I am having a fantastic time and am really busy. In fact, I am having one of the best times of my life – though I seem to repeat this every year by now.  Reviewing the Edinburgh Festival for Three Weeks was also a brilliant experience, as was reporting the G8 summit in Germany last year.

At the moment I am very happy doing little internet video clips for a local media outlet in Nuremberg; it is good fun as I have a very funny colleague and lots of interesting topics to engage with – we got sent to the huge music festival Rock im Park to do pictures and we could listen to bands like Against Me! and famous ones like Prodigy and Rage Against the Machine, we were also able to go to interesting press conferences with delicious foods and visit places the public is hardly able to see, like inside the castle of some local celebrities. Most of the time we are dealing with interesting topics like unknown sports like Lacrosse or dog dancing, or profile people with extra-ordinary professions or hobbies, like a stuntman or a circus performer.
It’s such a pity that there isn’t anything like this in Edinburgh!

At the start I was very keen to do more social and political news stories; however, these are done by a different department and in a more distant style to the subject.
So friends and folks of leftwing politics:  most videos fall under the general interest headline; apart from that it is all in German.  [ videos ]

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