Guinea Pig Dreams

I had a dream this weekend, but a less dramatic one than Martin Luther King’s. I dreamt that my three guinea pigs had multiplied into a colony of 40 and come all with their own cages or so, and I went on holiday and quickly needed to find people to look after and keep them. So, my task in my dream was to match up guinea pig personalities with friends’ and colleagues, and it was a quite weird task.

Luckily Minilli, Guinea Lee and Misty weren’t appearing in my dream. The three pumpkins are doing well though I haven’t yet managed to integrate Misty into Minillis and Guinea Lees close-knitted community. She seems now more up to it, so might be trying this evening.
The guinea pig books I have all say not to try to put adult unknown guinea pigs together as they live in family colonies, but I hope it will go well, as they have been staying in different cages for the last three weeks. So maybe they are regarding each other as family now. Guinea Lee has been trying to impress Misty with a chauvinistic guinea boar appearance, striding along with impressive sounds.

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