online seed swap

The Magazine “Grow Your Own” has a very active Forum called “Grapevine”. They are running an online fruit and vegetable show with photographic entries allowed till 30th of September. They have some nice prices for winners, too.
But what I like most about the Forum is the seed swap. I got some passionfruit seeds, apple cucumbers are on the way, purple kale and peanuts and cabbage seeds so far, and I sent away a bulk of sweet peas, nasturia seeds and shared some asparagus seeds and hot pepper Jalapeno with interested gardeners.

The mix of seeds consists partly of shared commerical seed packets, as sometimes there are hundred of seeds in one packet when only few are needed. An exception to this rule can be seen and bought via : MoreVeg, which also supply seeds in few quantities for 50p.


Comment by Fleur on 2007-11-13 18:07:18 +0100

Thanks for the pointer in this direction. Truely inspirational to have so much choice at such good prices. I ordered and recieved my seeds in just 3 days – and they came with everything you need to know about growing them and ideas for eating them too!!

This is a little business that should go far – just hope they dont get gobbled up by the big names who all seem profit orientated rather than for real gardeners

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