NEWS: £100 laptop for kids + Guatemala election protests

BBC World reports that the Linux laptop for kiddies in developping countries is up for sale on a Buy1 – Give1 basis.
Originally though I just wanted to check if the BBC World -usually the best on reporting foreign news – has a report about the election protests in Guatemala. Indymedia Germany reports over 200 arrested and one person killed, including reports that a town hall had been burned down, four policemen kidnapped, the house of the mayor and other houses got destroyed, burning barricades erected and that ballot papers were burned. Otto Pérez Molina, the former dictator-general who is held responsible for massacres in the bloody civil war with disappearances and torture, has been running for president, too. There seems to be a lot of election fraud going on as well.

Interesting is also Junge Welt’s series on the resistance in Iraq. The left-wing daily also reports that 25 000 workers in cloth factories in Bangladesh defied the protest ban last saturday, demonstrating against their low wages undercutting the agreed minimum of $25 a month.

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