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Shock DoctrineThe Guardian has been running excerpts from Naomi Klein‘s new book: Disaster Capitalism, which is very impressive – both the book and The Guardian’s in depth coverage, including the videos. In fact, these excerpts are the really rare articles which are much nicer to read in print than online, as they are quite long and occasionally require some reading breaks to think about and it’s nice to show these other people and to discuss the issues and the articles with them.
Which might be the reason why they haven’t attracted any comments yet on CiF – most Internet bloggers have a short attention span.
I wasn’t that impressed with Naomi’s Klein “No Logo”about the social justice movement, but I hope that this book actually will tell me something new, and I hope that it is well researched and informative.

On the other side, The Guardian’s German correspondent Luke Harding (somehow he is always reminding me of the German comedian Hape Kerkeling) is regularily getting me to explode on CiF as it seems that he is
a) not focussing on the most relevant issues
b) his articles are riddled with errors, misinterpretations and summarising issues that have absolutely nothing to do with each other, such as the RAF and Islamic terrorists
c) doesn’t seem to put much research or effort into it
d) is more keen to focus on light superficial entertainment than on properly informing the public.
Anyways, I really wanted to dismantle his article, but lucky for him; the discussion closes after three days.

Another article, which is really infuriating me is the opinion piece of the Guardian’s longterm foreign correspondent:  “Backing the terrorists”. I got really angry about the accusations that lefties would support Osama Bin Laden. Somehow the Guardian seems to be the only newspaper that is happy to regularily insult its readers. Maybe it wants to fit better into the rest of the cut-throat profit-driven media landscape and the London upperclass city slickers? It’s really making me sad, and even worse, that the other bloody lefties don’t do anything against it. Where is this weird lefty Media complaint lobby group (Medialens) when you need them?
Anyways, I wont read this thread anymore, as otherwise I won’t be able to do anything else today, I would just be fuming around and writing more and more comments.
And, now that Bush will have to leave office in half a year it would really make sense to resist as much as possible so that he is running out of time with putting any more nasty politics in place. Now that has nothing to do with Osama Bin Laden, believe you me, but everything with Guantanamo Bay, Irak War and Afghanistan invasion. Not to mention all the nasty stuff he’s done in the US, like cutting money for health care, for women’s refugees, repressing abortions and splitting the whole population into enemy camps at the last election.

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