Friendly Blogs Update

Just received an invisible comment by El Chavo! and also found out that the BBC Slideshow damages the blog’s style sheet so that comments and contents don’t display properly.
When adding these links to the blog, unfortunately I discovered that both the URLs for the ethicaladventures blog by Neil and the Forest Cafe blog are not leading anymore to any inspirational websites, the same for Tasneem Khalil’s blog, so they have to be taken off. Upgrading the system also meant that all special characters fell out of their formatting and so all the old entries have to be reformatted. Ooops.
Dunno if I should start to correct it now or wait till the release of the WordPress 2.3 Version, which is planned for release on 23rd of September?

Jason has started his new blog on Blogcharm, they promise to pay bloggers for their entries somehow if they find advertising for their sites. Sounds interesting but tricky. But worth keeping an eye on this development.

Nina and her friend are still writing interesting things about Ecuador and OurWar is as usual documenting riots in Chile [riotporn].

Just got the new “Grow your Own” magazine and discovered unexpectedly and surprisingly that my letter to the editor has won the star letter £50 Harrods Horticultural Voucher. Yippieh.

And, even better, I got a week’s extension to hand in my dissertation, due to the Laptop crash.

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