Peter Buckley Hill and some Comedians XI – Review for Three Weeks

Peter Buckley Hill and some Comedians XI
Peter Buckley Hill’s Free Fringe

Before attending this crammed comedy event, i have never before realised the subtle different degrees and tastes of humour. Peter Buckley Hill warms up the audience with randomly chosen noises to welcome every guest comedian and also delivers some silly songs about Scotland’s national dish – the flying Haddock with Chips and Peas.
The first guest comedian from Gateshead pocked fun at the absurdities of his home town when it lost out to Liverpool in the “City of Culture” contest.
The second comedian totally and unexpectedly hit my taste with his wonderfully absurd, spontaneous and intelligent humour. I laughed till I cried.
Finishing off the comedy evening was the slightly deranged Barbara, who got us all praying to an alien god living in some orange sweets.

Canongait, 4 -25 Aug , 9:30 pm (11:35 pm), Free Non-ticketed, eff 82.
Rating 4/5

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