British Piano Music review for Three Weeks

British Piano Music
Ian Farrington

There is something beautiful about watching masters at work, what enjoyment they show when they tackle challenges and with what ease they perform the most difficult of tasks. What pride they have got in their work whilst thriving on the admiration of the ordinary laymen. Pianist, Organist and Composer Iain Farrington enjoys playing these modern, unmelodic, disharmonic, dramatic and nearly arbitrarily sounding notes. The artists painted the scenes with sounds and Ian Farrington explains the context of the music before each performance. Benjamin Britten’s Early Morning Bath was a
revitalising, refreshing short piece; however, as impressive as the concert was, that type of classical music makes the majority of mankind try to escape from as quickly as possible.

St Andrew’s and St. George’s, 18 Aug, 2.30 pm (3.15 pm), 8.00 (6.00), ffp 133.
rating 4/5

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