Dare Protoplay – videogames Review for Three Weeks

Dare Protoplay

Dare to be Digital

For the first time in eight years, the annual dozen different prototypes of video games are accessible to both the Fringe and the public. All team members want to win the audience and the industry award; they are encouraging everybody to play. There is a water blobb moving through a labyrinth, a cupid shooting love arrows, motor racing, sinking ships in the bath, and my favourite – a guitar-playing hero blasting musical monsters. And even though I don’t like video games in general, I totally forgot the time trying to reanimate my rocker after he fainted three times into the arms of the evil,
spiderlike purple organ-playing beast. It looked so easy when the kids conquered the three different levels in top speed!

Our Dynamic Earth, 12 -14 Aug, 10 am ( 6 pm), Free Non-ticketed, fpp 119.
tw rating 4/5

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