Holy War – Festival of Peace and Spirituality

Conversations on Power and Freedom
Festival of Peace and Spirituality

In the “Holy War?” one-off panel discussion a theologian and a former Catholic priest, who converted to Islam, muse about nonviolence and faith. It was disappointing though that the talks were not prepared or substantiated as the questions were answered by the two older, white and male faith experts of the top of their heads. The event was split into half a panel discussion and the other half as an audience led Q&A. The discussion remained boringly generalising, superficial and avoided insights into the burning contemporary questions of the Iraq War, Terrorism and the Palestine/Israel conflict. However, the framing classical guitar music set the reflecting mood nicely; the coinciding mural exhibition and the cage installation is an appealing visual distraction.

St. John’s, dates vary, times vary, £5 (£3), fpp118.
rating: 2/5

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