A busy night for a taxi driver: Review for Three Weeks

Busy Night
UP & @ EM

This one man show is quite enjoyable, light-hearted entertainment. Simon Goodall, a real life licensed cabbie driver, takes his detailed observations on his most extraordinary passengers and puts them into an amazingly, astounding explosion of sounds. At first, due to the rainy night, the show seems to be modelled on the Honda advert where a choir creates the car’s sounds, but slowly it develops to be so much more as his passengers share their past, their dreams, their day, their experiences and their body fluids. With the help of the sound technician, the enthusiastic Simon gives it all when creating music and atmospheric background noises to his monologues, whilst easily changing in and out of the various characters.

Underbelly, 2 -26 Aug, 6:25 pm ( 7:15 pm), prices vary, fpp 178.
rating: 3/5

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