Orpheaus as Physical Dance: Review for Three Weeks


Clipa Theater (Israel)

This modern interpretation of the Greek myth is strange but beautiful. The storyline conquers not only the underworld but also somehow the smoking ban. The two actors make clever use of props, costumes and puppets, therefore the cast appears to be much bigger. The story is conveyed solely by body movement and music rather than the conventional way of vocal, dance and facial expression. The performance is full of abstract symbolism and incomprehensible metaphors. Everything on stage portrays a deeper, soulful, somehow impressive but not very realistic, meaning. The music crosses over into being a sound installation rather than creating an emotional atmosphere and then changes back into providing the lead narrative. This is an incredibly intelligent version of Orpheus.

Assembly Aurora Nova, 2 – 27 Aug (not Tuesdays), 5:10pm (6:15pm), prices vary, ffp 115.

tw rating: 3/5

You Tube clips [ 1 | 2].

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