Woyzeck review for Three Weeks


Sadari Movement Laboratory

This polarising Woyzeck interpretation could be an IKEA advert entitled: “1001 usages for chairs”. It is a brilliant, unique production which impresses with fantastic classical and Spanish music, atmospheric lightening, exceptional choreography, mesmorising acrobatic performances, and unbelievable excellent elegance. If there is one obvious flaw, it is the loss of the content; Buechner’s working-class tragedy has been changed into a much more enjoyable experience for the audience than originally intended. The social-political context and critique of war, poverty and the link of morality with wealth has unfortunately been totally lost for the non-Korean speaking audience; English explanations are only occasionally provided in this international mind-blowing experience. This is a recommendable stunning masterpiece despite the loss of authenticity.

Assembly Aurora Nova, 5 – 27 Aug (not 7,14,21 Aug) ,10:30 am (11.40am),prices vary, fpp 117,

tw rating 4/5

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