Edinburgh Fringe – Return to Reason: Review for Three Weeks

Return to Reason


This theatre piece makes you want to scream. The audience is invited to join three women in week 9 of their local screaming course. Equipped with orange substitutes we barge into the liberating search of the innermost. The all female, international crew let their impulsive emotions run riot without a cause. So the weird story doesn’t make much sense despite the fantastically enthusiastic and believable acting of the protagonists. This is slightly mad dynamic physical theatre showing off a range of nearly uninhibited human behaviour. “The origins of this play are rooted in improvisation theatre”, explained director Kathrin Bigler. The lack of depth and background information on the characters, the actors and the play is therefore regrettable but forgivable.

C soco, 4 -18 Aug, 5pm, prices vary, fpp 220

tw: 3/5

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