The last few days I have been mulling over houseboats, and if they would be a way to escape the rising property prices in a pragmatic way. It all started when my mum decided that for her 65th birthday, she would take us all on a houseboat holiday. Of course, I imagined the traditional vintage boats, when invited, and not the yacht variety they booked to float around within the South of France.
So, two weeks ago, when visiting Tesco I came across an English houseboat magazine, and flicking through it seemed quite interesting. Advertised were boats for about £65,000 pounds, but there was also a cheaper one on offer for £12,000.

So the thoughts started to gather if it would be worth getting a houseboat instead of an ordinary property. The slight disadvantage about possible lack of electricity, water and shower and what to do with the sewage and where to situate it and channel connections.

Anyways, in the end, I gave up on it, as the magazine was sold out and it is not really relevant at the moment and seems to be a bit too complicated.

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