Riots and Repression in Oaxaca

The conflict in Oaxaca has flared up again. I wouldn’t have noticed if Tom would not have put up an article on Indy Scotland. Quick look around and apart from the BBC website, no mention at all about these events in the media, and the BBC takes the usual authority-supporting stance. Maybe the article is written by a news agency, not sure if they have anybody in Latin America and if so, where.

On Indy, it’s a completely different picture, though. It has been discovered, that a former teacher has been arrested unharmed and then been beaten into a coma by police. At such moments, I just love indy – whilst most of the British media is focusing on if the Queen walked in or out in some BBC documentary, only this little, volunteer-driven project is bringing you the news that really matters and cares, and reports from the local people’s perspective and not the authorities points of views.

At such moments I could just cry out of disappointment, relief and fear that it might not be there some time in future, its existence is a pretty uncertain one and rises and falls with time, money and effort of its volunteers. Quite often, the newswire reports are, quite terribly arrrrrrrgh !!! But then, every now and again it’s the most unbelievably fantastic project on Earth. Kind of a Love-Hate relationship.

I quickly did a summary and rewrite of events, but it seems difficult to get updates in English. There are radio streams in Spanish. After I finish the dissertation I will have to learn Spanish and upgrade the shorthand, too.

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