Square Dance blog entry with video

The weather here is unfortunately grey, rainy and cold as ever. Phoned my parents and they have got sunny hot weather with about 30 degrees and Daddy is swimming in the huge open-air public swimming pool nearly every day.

still of Square Dance Film

They had a day out with their Square Dance Club last weekend, and my mum told me about the boat trip and tourist events they organized.
_“But Mum, “_I asked, “didn’t you do any Square Dance?”
“Of course we did!” she replied proudly. “When we had about half an hour waiting time in between trains, we danced on the platform in the train station.”
“Didn’t you have any problems with that?” I asked, thinking about all the law and order troubles and police hassle we get at political actions.
“Yes, of course.” my mum exclaimed. “We did not have enough ladies to dance the women part!”
(Me giggling…): “No, I thought with police?”
My mum: “Oh, we would have allowed them to join in dancing with us.”

So, that’s my parents. Strangely libertarian and conservatively subversive without even noticing. Happily enthusiastic and chirpy they reclaim public spaces everywhere with their Square Dance club Kunihill Runners, from McDonald’s parking spaces to the Red Square in Moscow, as they have also been very involved with running the Russian-German Square Dance association. I am kind of proud of them, although I don’t like the Square Dance Music, it sounds a bit too much country-western to me, and the caller doesn’t always hit the notes.

Their next adventures with their little Square Dance Club will be participation at the annual street parade and the beer festivals. I actually made a little videoclip (139 MB, wmv, German with English subtitles) of their Square Dance Club, but have trouble uploading it, because of the file size limit. I will put a link in here as soon as a way is found around the technical difficulties.

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