More interviews

here are three more interviews about the anti-G8 protests. One is with Marion Hamm, academic from the University of Luzern in Switzerland, another interview is with Claire, a christian protester from Belfast and the last is with Micah, anticapitalist protester on holiday.

Claire, christian G8-protester, ogg-vorbis
Claire, christian G8-protester, mp3

Marion Hamm, academic, ogg-vorbis, ca. 7min
Marion Hamm, academic, mp3, ca. 7min

Micah, anticapitalist, ogg-vorbis, ca 4.51 min
Micah, anticapitalist, mp3, ca. 4.47min

Here is some English audio up at Flash Radio:

More audio, especially German, is up at this non-commercial = community radio website at:

G8 TV:

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