G8 evaluation

So, we are now back in grey and rainy old Scotland, washing the mountains of dirty clothes and reflecting on the protests at the G8. I am working on my interviews now, and here are the first Vox Pops of some protesters chilling out at Camp Reddelich on Friday.


I also quite like the “What’s hot and what’s Not” – list on Indymedia UK. This year I would even agree with most of what is said, though I object to dismissing the Greek riots at the ESF 2003 evaluation and also Ska punk. Well, it’s coming out of personal experiences and therefore is very subjective, but I definitely also wouldn’t have put Dissent!, Asturias and Trapese on the hotlist.

Still need to find out where and how to post the audio though. I thought it got uploaded yesterday to this server’s blog, but can’t find it yet. Have asked the guys at FlashRadio, so maybe it could be homed there.

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