Wednesday report

Wednesday was the day of blockading actions. These seem to work amazingly well, with even the little steam train “Molli” being blockaded as well as the three gates in the security fence. But it is not sure how much of a difference it actually made, as this year’s G8 summit has the whole Wednesday scheduled for arrival, with the first official event being dinner on Wednesday evening.

We first went with a car to the rally points to blockade the airport Rostock-Laage. Unfortunately, not many activists were present at the two of the four points we visited, before organisers dissolved the legal rally points at 2pm.

Here are some pictures:

Then we continued to Rostock, as the police seemed to block many roads and we heard that the police would have surrounded the convergence centre. But the information we had was quite old, so when we arrived, everything was incredibly quiet, and we just went up to the Independent Media Access Centre and edited and posted pics and a short report.

We left pretty late at about 6pm, and first wanted to continue to Reddelich Camp, but heard from an info point that two blockades would still going on, after having started some time Tuesday evening or early Wednesday morning. In fact, they are still going on right now, at 12 midday Thursday.
We arrived at about 7pm and had to leave some friends behind, who did not have any press passes, so we just went up there and took some pictures. Participants at the blockade complained that no water, food, or blankets nor any more people were let through to support them in their protest.

Pics are here:

The internet connection and the Indymedia websites struggled yesterday, till about 2 am I was trying to get my pictures online. According to a rumour some autonomous protesters wanted to attack a fence and would like to leave at 4am, so I got up and went with them. They built some blockades, but were held up just after Reddelich by the police, after maybe walking a mile from the camp.
I was the only journalist there, which was a brilliant feeling, and I took some pics of the barricades, but unfortunately, the memory card became faulty and I lost all the pictures. Anyways, they weren’t that brilliant anyways, just a historical document. As the autonomous, black-clothed protesters run away from the police into the fields, I decided I had enough and went back to the camp, encountering basically all the locals complaining about their rubbish bins being moved into the streets and used as barricades, and also there was a rockery with an alpine garden which missed the stones after the black block passed by.

More factual report here:

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