St. Andrews

Me and my friend went over to St.Andrews last weekend as the sun was shining for a day out.

It is still quite fresh, so got a cold. On the way back I spontaneously got a furry kiwi tree. It is doing quite well though am not sure how to treat it correctly. A pity we don’t have that good of garden centres in Edinburgh, guess Dobbies is the nearest, but B&Q and Homebase are not that good, really. They don’t have specialist equipment such as root trainers and rooting hormone and not even ceramic pots in every size. I went a bit overboard with plants lately I guess, the whole kitchen and the windowsill is all full of seedlings. I am trying out a lot of seeds haven’t tried before: lavender, pepper, melons, and the houseplant coleus as well as fun plants such as recycling dates and citrus pips.

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