Year 2006

The New Year’s or Hogmanay Party in Edinburgh was cancelled this year due to storms. Which is fair enough, especially as the whole city centre is usually cordoned off and only people with passes – either bought, residents or applied for about half a year in advance by writing to the city council – are allowed into the inner city. This get’s me so angry – but then, it is said that otherwise there would be too many people in the inner city squeezing each other to death.
One of the problems is surely that fireworks displays are only organised by the council, and not generally available for sale around new year, as they celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on the 5th of November.

The highlight of 2006 was for me to get my allotment. I have never been interested in gardening – but picked up some things from my parents of course. Now, I quite like it. It is impressive how much was achieved in the allotment in one year. Thanks a lot to my parents for helping me – to dragg out the rubbish and to de-weed and to start making seedbeds and bring a structure to the garden. And in turn, I am eating so much healthier – a lot of kohlrabi and cucumbers and courgettes from the garden and potatoes. The pumpkin did not work out, neither did the mais nor the tomatoes, but will try again next year. The spinach worked but will this year try to plant more veggies and fruits which can be eaten raw.
A freezer would be nice so I could freeze the produce such as berries and herbs. I am very excited to become a better gardener next year and to collect more experiences practically. A pity I don’t get on too much with my plot neighbour – due to a misunderstanding we never really got quite friendly with each other. Also, I don’t seem to get on with the city council’s allotment organiser compared with other plot holders, and I really don’t know why. Also seemed to be because of the initial misunderstandings, maybe.

Also in 2006, I got my hamster Fluffy and the goldfishes. It’s really brilliant that Fluffy is here in my flat, he makes it much more warmer and interesting and I spend much more time in it, as he loves to run around every evening for some hours, sit behind the heating, nibble on the spider plant and check on his hoards in and around the sofa. The fishes are okay as well – I never had fishes before and was wondering about how they are kept, what illnesses they are prone to and what problems can arise with fishes.

This year has also been a year of study and experiences with work placements. I have learned a lot.

So, I finish the blog entry now to test out if the RSS-feed works and everything.

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