Catching up

Beautifull FountainI haven’t blogged for a while, but I have written a lot. Mostly reviews. I was trying to get them printed in newspapers and magazines, and am still unsure if I need to hold back the articles from putting them on the blog before they are printed and published.

We were away as well, the last three weekends, visiting relatives. We went down to Leeds and visited a Leonardo DaVinci drawings exhibition and also the rest of the museum with sculptures. In Nottingham, we went to a Space centre and an Industrial Museum, which was fun. And in Nuremberg, I went to the left-wing bookfair and got some brilliant music and books, and also enjoyed some talks and visited the Red Cross Museum, the courtroom 600 in which the nazi trials took place and the Museum at the nazi party rally grounds. I hope to write a little article about Nuremberg for the student newspaper.

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