Dentist and Community Councils

After 3 months, I finally got a proper filling in my tooth. Really, I was very astonished when I found out that I first mentioned the lost filling on the 22nd of July, and now, finally, last Monday in the morning of the 2nd of October I got the filling.

Since the middle of August it started really hurting and then I discovered a black increasing hole in my tooth. I went to my NHS dentist and they first gave me a date, but when I appeared, the new alarm system had locked them all out, at the second date the pregnant dentist was sick and off work and the third I rang up to tell them I would be a bit late and they then cancelled the appointment and said I would have to wait a month till the new dentist would arrive, or come back in the morning and pay privately to have it done immediately. I asked how much it would be, but they even did not tell me that, so now I am pretty pissed off now and on a personal vendetta against the government’s erosion of the NHS services.

Some of my friends can not even sign up with that dentist, it is said he closed the waiting list and my boyfriend states he has been waiting for over six months to get contacted to have the waiting list reopened. I complained to the Community Council, but Betty Stevenson and our councillor alias Lord Provost Lesley Hinds did not believe me and undermined my statements, and I said I would investigate further.

At the moment I am quite furious with Betty Stevenson, but apparently a good way to get her furious would be to close ranks with Piltonsucks, as she complained about it and asked “Who has passed on the minutes of the last meeting to Piltonsucks?” Whilst nobody admitted to it, and I don’t think anybody really would knowingly do it – her attitude seems to me as bad as that of that website, just opposite political directions. In the Community Council I complained to her as the chair, that we ignore and do not tackle the most important issues relevant to our community, but she just disregards it, and any proposal I make in general.

She also put in writing a complaint about me writing an unsolicited article in the NEN (North Edinburgh News) and I told the Community Council at the meeting(s) before that I would like to write an article about what we do in the Community Council for the community newspaper, and that they agreed to it under the condition that I would pass it on to the chairman and the secretary before going to print, which I did, I handed it over personally to the treasurer and the chairwoman Betty Stevenson 3 days before deadline, reminding them that any proposed changes should go directly to the editor/subeditor. As the NEN has only 2.5 people of staff, this should not be too scary to do.

The community councils are usually regarded as being open, public and accountable to the community. However, it seems to me more and more that they start to resemble a closed talking shop, with no real decision-making power and only limited community link-up and support.

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