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I am totally stressed out this week. My parents are coming to visit me, the flat is a mess, the allotment chaos and I am so far behind with everything I need to and want to do.

I got a press pass to the Edinburgh International Film festival, but unfortunately could not really use it that much so far, as all the press screenings are during the day. I am at the moment doing some work experience and am expected to be there most of the time from 9-6, which I am not really used to anymore. I am looking forward to uni starting again, so I can destress a little bit from all the crazy summer.

I got a visitor from Philadelphia the other week, who was the most careful and courteous visitor I ever had staying. My boyfriend’s dad visited us as well and has repaired and upgraded one of my bicycles: now it has 15 gears, and the back tyre actually doesn’t wobble anymore. It is a pleasure to use now.

Our local college has moved now into a new building, and I am thinking about doing a digital photography course alongside a traditional b&w portfolio one.

I am probably very late in spotting any teenager trends, but Micah has just found some funny videos on YouTube, which is apparently popular with teenagers using their webcam to start videologs, but some have started now to edit their videos, use music, rewrite lyric and take the piss. My favourite so far is “Emmelina” and “Call me L-dizzle”. But “Lazydork is better than you” is also great.

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