quick diary entry

I am a bit ill this week with a weird type of summer flu. The Filmhouse sent Indymedia 10 tickets for free for the community festival experience, for the film: “Who needs sleep?” which is about labour rights and trade unions (or their absence) in the film and movie industry.
The Russian language student will leave tonight and the French has first moved away into student accomodation and then got rapidly sent back home today as she went a bit overboard with her teenage freedom. We even got paid the telephone bill in total, which we did not really expect anymore, but her dad stepped in and sorted finally the stuff out.
I met two IMC volunteers from NYC Indymedia yesterday, they mainly work on the Indykids newspaper. It was interesting to hear a little bit about what projects they are doing and how they are structured in NYC IMC.

I would have so much to do and would want to do, but it seems I need to go back to bed to get better. Yesterday I had about 4 lemsip max, and on wednesday at least one.


Comment by Positronchick on 2006-07-30 14:55:03 +0100

Hallo!this Russian language student.How is your cold?I’m pretty good now.Good luck!Send hello to Mikah

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