This week

This week has been very exciting. I had an interview yesterday for a part time job. The fun thing about it was that they used an electronic pre-screening test via an interactive website, and I was second best.

The French language student has run up a phone bill of about £80 in the last 2 weeks, dialling premium call numbers for example for about 2-3 hours in the middle of the night at about 2am to a French mobile. This call alone cost £15!
We tried to get BT blocking the numbers, but BT was pretty crap, always saying that it would take 7 days for the service to work, and then not even starting it until you put in the code number they gave me. I even needed to hide the phone and take it always with me so to monitor her phone addiction better.
But now the language student wanted to move accomodation closer to where her friends stay, and could not pay the telephone bill. The language school actually gave us ground rules at the start, including “Do not let your student use your phone.”, which we as liberals and libertarians of course ignored, especially as the French language student had quite some difficulties at the start. So, now we know why we should have stuck to the rules.
The Russian language student also has a blog under the name Positronchick. However, she does blog in Russian, obviously.

More about telephone companies and their rates under Micah’s Blog.

I also watched Syriana and Munich start of the week, got them from the A&C Video library. Syriana has just been released, Both films are brilliant. I also got some real Haggis for the students from the best butcher of Edinburgh. They do Haggis in 1 person portions, which looks like a sausage. the French language student refused to eat it, because it looked like a sausage, and she doesn’t eat sausages. Micah ate the Haggis, I ate the vegetarian Haggis.

We also needed to do a big washing with all the bed sheets and similar. Lots of ironing, too. Also Micah brought me some sweeties – and my tooth filling fell out, so I tried to get a dental appointment, as well as reviewing the world cup football exhibition in the North Edinburgh Arts Centre, which is organised in cooperation with the Magnum Photoagency and the Goethe Institute.

On Thursday I tried to get clothes, shoes and make-up for the Interview. Unfortunately most of the clothes at Matalan did not fit, and the Sales started in Marks & Spencer. It was incredibly hot and so many people were crammed in the shop that it felt pretty suffocating. I went well over the budget, especially with the make-up and as I hate make-up I am not very experienced with it, I went to the Interview looking like my face fell into some yellowish cake icing.
I am unsure about getting the job. It seemed my make-up blew it.

My allotment is producing courgettes in extreme sizes. According to Micah, the largest courgette “could feed a family of 12 for a week.”

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