Muirhouse/Salvesen Community Council Update

The Muirhouse/Salvesen community council had its inaugural meeting on Monday, 3rd of April in the Muirhouse Millenium Centre. The interim positions were filled: Betty Stevenson will act as chair, Brian Eddington as the secretary and Roy Douglas is the treasurer for the time being.
The final appointment of the office bearers will take place at the AGM of the community council.
The constitution was approved, and financial arrangements such as banking, insurance and council grants were organised. Councillor Lesley Hinds and representatives of the Council, such as the Elections Officer and the Community Council Liaison Officer, were also present to guide through the initial process of setting the group up.
The Muirhouse Community Council also decided to try to get the neighbours of the Salvesen area more involved. It was suggested to try to identify an active group or member of the Salvesen community to participate in the community council.

At the next meeting, Tuesday, 2nd of May, Alan Dean, Regeneration Officer from the Edinburgh Council, gave a talk about the progress of the Pennywell Regeneration proposals. He stated, that the start of the regeneration would be delayed because of the unexpected rejection of the stock transfer and the Scottish Executive has been approached for additional funding. However, he expects that the start of the regeneration would at least start in autumn next year, if not before. The issues of safety and security were discussed, both regarding anti-social behaviour as well as traffic concerns. Ground rules were decided: the community councillors are required to attend no less than half of the meetings if they want to keep their seats, and the community council seeks to make decision by consensus. Subgroups could also be initiated to investigate specific issues in depth.

On Tuesday, 6th of June, raised issues from the previous meeting were discussed: speeding traffic on Muirhouse Parkway, training for the community councillors by the Pilton Partnership, the deterioration surface and speed restrictions of Pennywell Road, smoking in the Muirhouse shopping centre, lack of litterbins, and unannounced and confusing rerouting of Lothian Buses during roadworks.
The Muirhouse/Salvesen Community Council objected to the application for ten more antennas and mobile phone masts on top of Martello Court on the basis that it may prove to be detrimental to the health of the residents and neighbours.

The next open meeting will be on the 11th of July at 7pm in the Muirhouse Millenium Centre.
The Muirhouse/Salvesen Community Council can be contacted in writing at the address of the Muirhouse Millenium Centre. Jimmy Butler from the Pilton Partnership (tel. 0131 6250045) is also supporting this community council as liaison.

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