Repression in Oaxaca, Mexico

So just today I finally managed to compile a feature for Indymedia Scotland and Indymedia UK about the police attack in Mexico, Oaxaca, which was said to have killed 11 people on Wednesday. The mainstream media here in Britain hasn’t reported one bit of it, as usual. Compiling the feature today took about 4 hours, but without translating anything, just reading across several websites, emails and texts and trying to compress the most important facts. Yesterday it also took some hours to find all the original texts, about further 2-3 hours. At the moment I actually don’t really have the time any more to do this as frequently as some years ago, but I still would want to spend more time on it, as it is something quite meaningfull.

I wish I could spend some more time translating the most important additions.

A friend of mine has been forced into one of these horrible “You too can become a valuable member of society!” courses for unemployed people. The time is wasted sitting around starring holes in the ceiling. These courses are a mixture between prison and Big Brother – they do not only want to controll your physical movements, but your thoughts as well. Most of the entertainment for people on the course is actually bitching about each other. These courses actually don’t help most people at all to improve their situation.

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