Updating the gallery

Wildhunt may like the pictures of Rosslyn Chapel I just uploaded, a mix between pagan green men and Christian religion stonemasonry. It is situated south of Edinburgh near Bilston Woods Protest Camp, and is the most beautifull and unique church I have ever come across, I would predict even world-wide.
I try and get most of my previous protest and other pictures of Scotland and similar now online, but will try to stick to the best one. It also dependes on how I can access the old Windows partition.
I am absolutely tired today and the last days. My friend has gone to see his little nieces, so I have dropped him at the airport early this morning.
I am currently trying to get some work experience whilst doing this full-time course.
Also, I will try to pick up the fish tank today, I want to start to get experience in aqua plants, “aqua-scaping” and keeping some coldwater fish.

In my life, I want to experience most common pets as an owner.

It has been a while since I have participated at some political protest or event. At the moment I am usually just dropping in for half an hour or so at events, if I can be bothered to turn up. Not that I lost interest, but at the moment it seems all rather pointless, oops. I am looking forward to the NUJ – National Union of Journalists – talk though next week, and the Edinburgh Chiapas event. Of course, both events are on the same evening, as is to be expected!

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