Solidarity volunteers stuck in Chiapas

Because of the Red Alert, following the event in Atenco on the 3rd of May, foreign internationals are not allowed to enter Zapatista areas. Most of the 200 + civilians are still said to be detained, beatings and (sexual) abuse of the arrestees has been reported, too, as well as raids of homes and a boy of 14 has been killed by gun wounds.
Because of the Red Alert human rights observers and other sympathetic visitors are stuck from going and visiting or helping out.

The Edinburgh Chiapas Solidarity Campaign, one of the most active and practical groups in Edinburgh’s libertarian Left, is running a stall next weekend at a fair, and also organises a social get together with a report and a screening of a self-made video about the twinned community. I think it is on the 12th of june in the Quaker Meeting House at 8pm.
Meanwhile there are considerations to make a little exhibition or (in my case a picture album) for our twinned community 16th of february, to send over and show them a bit in pictures what has happened here in Scotland in the last years politically.

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