Philosophy Exam

Just bottled the last exam this year. It’s really, really embarrassing, but I feel I totally let myself down. First I could not find the notes or had lost some of the handouts. Then I just could not remember who the academics were who kind of opposed each other for some decades with their research. However, I remembered a bit of the practical relevant outcomes, but all the theory stuff just didn’t make it into the exam. Comparing the stuff I wrote with the notes, there is just too much of a discrepancy… whilst I got the gist of the commentating discussion we had a bit as students, the other stuff I just forgot. And the mean thing is I have nobody to blame but myself. It wasn’t even sunny the last weeks, so I could have blamed it on work in the allotment or so. No, I just did not learn it. Not sure how other people learn, but I really need to verbally discuss stuff with other students to get it into my head.

Apparantly other people use mind-maps… should try it out sometimes. Though the ethical questions are quite interesting I just refuse to learn all this theoretical, academic stuff without any practical relevancy. Maybe I would have done better, if I would not have known that the course actually was Philosophy, that really put me of, its current name is “Contemporary Issues” , but then, in the articles to write as homework, I always tried to keep it very practical and orientated to solve difficultues and possible solutions, which seems to be another big mistake in the whole philosophical way of thinking.


Comment by Ali McNab on 2006-06-04 16:15:51 +0100

Hi Ulla, this is all a bt posh isn’t it? How do you set one of these things up.I forgot about an exam this year – I mean what kind of numpty does that? i suppose I should find out what the hell is going on about it. So don’t worry about you exam, at least you turned up!



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