Another student service to close at Napier University?

sign for Miller's Graphic shop Miller’s Graphic, the specialised print and design shop situated on the ground floor at Merchiston Campus, is considered to be closed at the end of term due to loss of sales.
The shop offers graphic materials for students and specialised pens, as well as hardback binding for dissertations.

Design students have started a petition to rescue the shop, to be handed in at the end of the week.
They are quite disappointed with the uncertain future of the shop and hope the management would change their mind.

Shop-assistant May Henderson says: No company wants to run at a loss.
The shop has been existing for ten years at Merchiston Campus, and May has been working in the shop for the last three years. About five years ago, Miller’s Graphic was taken over by the Entwistle Group with their head office based in Manchester. Since then, the shop has yearly been considered for closure when the contract with the university is due to be renewed.

Peter Douglas, financial director of the parent company Entwistle Group, states:
The sales have gone down each year. It has been used less and less. We did consider the same position last year. But we haven’t made a decision yet.

Part of the reasons for the decreasing sales are blamed on the rise of the computers which revolutionised the way graphics are produced. Another reason is the location of the shop, which is situated directly in the design department and is less noticeable for the passing trade to the average student. Also the shop is only open during term time, when the materials are needed for the courses.

Miller's Graphic shop at university

Rupert Sherwood, lecturer of Interior Architecture, states:
The shop is an essential part of the school and convenient. It saves students going out of the school to get materials. It saves a lot of time.

Design students also stress that the local shop on campus offers a 20% discount on the products. The next specialised graphic shop is situated in the city centre, where Miller’s Graphic runs another, bigger and more prominent franchise.

Peter Marshall, president of the Napier Student Association, says:
As a student association it is always a shame when student services are removed. We never want to see services reduced. The more services you have, the better.
When asked if the NSA would take any action to prevent the closure of the shop, he replied:
No design students have complained to the students association about it. No one asked us to do anything about it.

The head of Schools of Creative Industries, Huw Davies, was not available for comment. He was said to be out of the country at a conference.


Comment by MJR/slef on 2006-05-07 21:20:47 +0100

Why not take it over if you want it so much?

Comment by Ulla on 2006-05-09 10:36:02 +0100

Have run shops for students in the past. Was fun, but it is not my purpose in life. I just like to write about it, and document it, but I can not change everything I come across that needs action. Apart from that, i am not a design student and cannot yet bind books.

The article was written for the student newspaper, but there isn’t a website yet, so I basically posted it here.

Comment by martin on 2006-05-15 11:31:02 +0100

i did my phd at napier and got my thesis bound in glasgow, if i’d known there was somewhere literally down the hall that supplied this service I’d have considered them even if they were slightly more expenisve. But since the shop doesn’t seem to advertise it’s services (apart from a notice when you’re already at the shop, doesn’t appear to have a website, and doesn’t appear in any list of bookbinders for edinburgh I didn’t know I had the choice. Have they heard of advertising? Could make a good project for a marketing student if it does stay open…

Comment by Ludwig Angus on 2006-07-20 03:23:21 +0100

Nice! Where you get this guestbook? I want the same script.. Awesome content. thankyou.

Comment by vh on 2006-07-21 23:00:03 +0100

The range of services is limited and the opening times inconsistent. Even the larger North Bridge shop is tired looking, with poor staff knowledge and customer care. This is a shame as Miller’s used to be excellent. It appears the owners have neglected both sites to the extent that merchiston is likely to close and north bridge may be sold off to a competitor. better competition coupled with poor direction have led to the demise of a once excellent and respected retailer.

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