News of the Day

Yes, I have planted the pumpkin seeds the wrong way round! Actually the round ends are to become the leaves and the pointed tops are where the roots are spreading from.

One of the houseplants is an azalea and I have planted it in the wrong compost – they need a sour soil (low pH) and I just used the ordinary lime based one as well as used an ordinary fertiliser. They actually are mini rhododendrons and need shade as well. Arrgh, tomorrow I need to rescue it by getting the right compost for it. At least now i know why these sort of plants have always died in my home so far – as well as the lack of water obviously contributed.

Also I put them on the wrong windowsill – they got burnt by the sun and developped sunscorches.

As you can imagine, I just got a book about houseplants from the really cheap mass produced “Bookworld” shop. Probably the best £2 I ever spent – I hope I will save enough houseplants by my newly found wisdom to make it also an economical success!

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