Adult Education Courses

Finally, the ILA Scotland approval has come through. I am unsure which course to select, as I am gardening wild at the moment I am considering the horticulture course by the Royal Horticulture Society held at the Botanic Garden.
There is also a one day workshop available on plants, but it seems closed and only available to people who are already taking part in their current regular weekly course. Anyways, after looking around on their websites, I found their full educational programme. Also, they seem to have a plant shop, too, and guided tours.

Other possibilities are driving courses such as the extension of the driving license to include passenger transportation – not sure if this is a minibus license.

There are also offers for an advanced photography course and SAGE at Stevenson and Shorthand at Pitmans. In total the offer of courses is a bit disappointing; neither the Open University nor the Edinburgh University Adult education courses are on offer.

My parents have left now after a week, and the allotment is now much more tidier. We got rid of a lot of carpets and there seem to be only a few left now, hopefully. Most of the seed beds are prepared and the hill has been decreased by about 30 cm. The seedlings are doing well and are getting hardened up on the balcony ready for transfer. The courgettes are doing well and so are the sunflowers, but the spinach looks delicate and only 3 out of the 8 pumpkins so far made an appearance. I wondered if I have planted them accidently the wrong way round.
My neighbour has given me some nice Indian red carrot seeds which I should try out, too.

There is masses of spam on Indymedia Scotland, we haven’t yet found out how to work the spamguard if there is any and how to find it. Furthermore we get personal postings about being a cancer patient and I dunno what to do with it – it would rather belong on a blog but somehow it seems relevant to me, too, to keep it on indymedia. There is the usual load of conspiracy theories and global polit spam mainly from the US but also Australia and the occasional Finnish mass postings.

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