Here are the pictures of the allotment.

It is pretty overgrown and there is a lot of rubbish on it, like doors and similar.

Today Micah planted a gooseberry and pruned the blackberries, hedges and other wild shrubberies and bushes, he also dug up the whole light brown plant bed. There is a fox which seems to live around the bushes and hedges.
I have made a start with one plant bed which had old rotting leaks in, and basically pulled out lots of weeds and nettles by hand, took stones out, and planted a red currant and a little bush to mark the corners. I also put some compost on it, and we also went and got some cheap tools, whilst we are wondering where to get proper ones.

At home I started some seedlings to put in a plant bed in about two weeks time, and I also read up on what to plant where and what the different plants need and which ones should be planted beside each other to avoid plagues and diseases. Apparantly the rhubarb grows well with spinach, but they are both very demanding and need lots of compost and manure, also are said to grow well with fruit trees, so I am on the look out for mini fruit trees, as they are not allowed to be over man’s height.

The little hill I decided not to tackle this year, and my neighbour, who is very nice and encouraging had the brilliant idea to put the courgettes and pumpkins there, as they are also taking lots of nutrients out of the ground, and I want to put some flowers on the hill as well, and make it suitable  to be used as a little natural sofa to chill out and drink beer on.

I never liked gardening as a child, I found it boring. But now I appreciate the garden, it is very destressing and calm, with fresh air and some exercise. And it is very satisfying to see what has been achieved.

Micah has an old gardening book, which is nice because it starts at the very beginning; which tools to get and what they are used for, I got ages ago a book on organic and symbiotic gardening, it is probably the same or similar as permaculture.

my part of the plot
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