I just make a quick note of moviemail as they sell political videos and BFI ones.

Also I am trying to collect all my previous writing, audio, video and academic research on a new website.

Am not sure how it will look like and how to structure, so am comparing with other similar websites.
I still like the really simple websites [Ana, Robert Bullard | Andrea Wren ] of authors who actually put their whole articles online for the benefit of everybody, but I also like simple Blog websites used for porfolio purposes [Chris Alden], which seem to be userfriendly enough.
I put these websites down here, because I want to read more of them and to remind me, rather than adding it to the bookmarks, as it is work in progress. I still do think that it is more important to have good content than good, but distracting, design.
The only websites which really seem to benefit from a stylish design is Tina Walsh travel writing website and Jan Murray’s very structured freelancers community website JournoBiz.
There might be about 50 or so websites of freelancers, basically only these few are left to be pursued further because of being interesting. One website which is totally falling out of any norm is Tracey Smith’s: Downshifting website, which i like because it is less about self-promotion than about her beliefs and is also fun.

Another special website is William Ham Bevan’s one, not only because of the distinctive writing style, but also he seems to be the only one who writes because of the pleasure and beauty of the English language, which reminds me again of George Orwell’s “Why I write” essay.

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