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I have been ill the last days with a bad cold. For some strange reason that seems to be the fourth cold or so in a row.

Now, I have to write a feature box for friday of about 200-300 words and am unsure what to write. I am torn in between:

– the 10 worst blunders in medicine (in connection with the drug trial gone wrong)
– some of Vanessa R. most famous films (interview with Vanessa Redgrave) , or something political about V.R., or something about the Merchant-Ivory films
– history of Panorama (factual programs receive jobs and money cuts in BBC)
– protests or history of protests against Coca Cola (Coca Cola nicking water in drought area in India)
– history of ETA (statement of ETA seizefire)
– citizen journalism (examples, history, technical developments)

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