Lost my hamster in the heating

Fluffy has had its first free range living room experience yesterday and promptly disappeared inside the electric artificial open fire heating.
Luckily it was switched off.
He only returned four hours later to play in his wheel, chill out and eat a bit.
Today I also got the good news that I am part of the Community Council, even without voting, as there are/were just enough nominations to fill all seats. The best about it is that I seem to know nearly everybody sharing the council with me, so it will be fun, because they are all good neighbours who enjoy a good rage against injustice, such as privatisation of public services, council house stock transfer and similar.
We also have a very enthusiastic, considerate and hard-working councillor in our area, with her only disadvantage, that she might occasionally tend to be too close to New Labour.

I am looking forward to kick arse with a good team of people.

Only problem is, that too much injustice is actually built into the economic, capitalist, class system, so not sure how much we actually can achieve in the Community Council, but we will have a good try, be asured of that.


Comment by amber on 2006-10-03 01:39:38 +0100

omg help i lost my hamster and I don’t know what to do please help me it’s been 2 days

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