Picture Gallery

We are trying to produce a magazine for postgraduates at uni, and today my lovely Micah and me have set up a picture gallery for me to show my photography on the web.

Unfortunately it is not as good as I would like it to be, firstly as money to use for new funky photography equipment is limited, and so because of the delay I still can not take snapshots or picture expressions unless somebody holds the same expression for more than 10 seconds. Secondly because my experiences are still limited, maybe I should try to get into some of the professional courses at Telford.
Anyways, we seem to have a slight problem with supplying good quality photography for our writing, so hopefully one or some of the pics would make it nevertheless, despite the strong competition from other professional photographers.

Will post the URL when it is finished, as there is still so much work to be done.
And we got the application form in, in the end with a quarter of an hour to go at the end, and I had this horrible headache and started to get grumpy and adding all these repetitions and spelling mistakes, and had this idea that i should have actually done a slight consultation about the application and how to phrase everything best, but did not occur to me.

And although I am feeling better, and got today the parcel with “The last days of Salvador Allende” documentary film, I am still not feeling too well and should go to bed soon. I even lost 2,5 kilos just by loosing the appetite whilst being ill.
Not that this is an advisable diet, but seems to work better than many others.

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