Am ill today

I am ill today with headache, cold, period and so on.

Anyways the Guardian has deleted my job application today, one day before the deadline, with already most of the forms filled in, only some questions about reviewing the newspapers and website remained.
When my auntie worked at another less known newspaper, she already then said that only the offspring of the editors really has a change to get the internships and workexperience, and that chances are bad and relationships all.
Here in Britain some usefull Cambridge-Oxford connection would be helpfull, too. Please mail me if you can provide some!
The Guardian left me already hangin with my first application for workexperience, when they suddenly closed the offer, and all my filled in forms collapsed. At least, the content could just be rescued, but already spent several hours again filling in the forms and I am really not feeling too well, snorting away with a dripping nose.
The Guardian now functions over the internet only, so there are no contact details, nobody to complain to, nobody responsible and apparantly nobody intrested, which makes me even more furious.

I probably also miss out on the Social Action Research project and the interviews, and it seems highly unlikely I make it to the screening and video distribution workshop for activists in Manchester this weekend.

Am also most likely not able to go to court tomorrow to observe a particular interesting NVDA action G8 court case.
Hopefully I can make at least the other appointments tomorrow.
Podcasting is off till I am actually able to speak, not squeek, and less snorty.

Leith FM has received from Ofcom today the announcement they will get a community radio license. Which makes me happy and angry at the same time, because of their fear of any left-wing content with which we had a bit of a fall out about a year ago or so. Though I hope that the last broadcast worked well with the charming, approachable, patient and friendly Lindsey in charge and with Tom teaching “how to make radio features out of interviews” and “audio editing”.
However, Ofcom also gave a license to the Army Radio: Garrison Radio in Edinburgh, so I would wonder if right-wing bias is more acceptable and if there is a discrimination against left-wing stuff. But in the end it probably does not matter that much anyway anymore, now that the internet and podcasting rulez.
However, one of my dreams would still be to have something like Radio Z here. But then we don’t have something like Pilton Video in Nuremberg. What a pity. It basically just depends what has locally grown out of the grassroots movement and what opportunities were given at the time, it seems.

I wish I could build up more, but then, already our hacklab is heading into deep financial troubles.

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