One step further to podcasting

Logo for Kickin' Europe News Yesterday, I found out that I can record audio with if I use Windows. On Linux however, the microphone is still silent. I don’t know if that is connected with the sudden unusability of Audacity under Linux as well. But I can listen to Radio Z.

Today i made a logo for my podcast Channel Kickin’Europe News. However it is still under contruction. But we have found out what we actually would need to construct: in fact there is even a plug-in to podcast with this WordPress CMS solution.
However it also works just by creating a new category! It is so simple and I was worried it would be so complicated.
Tomorrow I will try to do an intro and my first podcast for Kickin’ Europe News.
Yesterday I also had a talk over several hours with an indymedia volunteer who now writes an academic publication about alternative media with the project. It has the advantage that it is interactive and also gives something back to the projects it researches. Anyways, it has something to do with sociology. Simultaneously we got send our first dissertation questionnaire to Indymedia Uk. It is this time of the year again where we get inundated with research requests.
However, the talk yesterday seemed more as if someone would have wanted to write my biography. ….I felt VERY famous!

My visitor has gone now as well and uni has started. New visitors are already on their way though. Uni has started again and I already appeared in several wrong courses and lectures as I got my timetable wrong. I wish they would just write down what courses there exactly are rather than who is teaching it, as some of the profs are multi-tasking. However, what I wonder most is that apart from me everybody seems so sorted…. well, maybe they are just better at hiding it.
This trimester we are supposed to produce a magazine in a bit of a hurry. There are some surprising catches in that we are marked for our contribution to the magazine – not only by the profs but also our collegues. This seems to be rather odd, but I have decided not to spend any more thoughts on structure and organisation as there is not enough time really to change anything in these few weeks and also that would have bad delays in actually getting this thingy out. Also it is good now that the postgraduates have their own project as the undergraduates seem much more involved with the other  university’s newspaper and so it will be good hopefully to solve the conflict of intrests between the two age groups maybe even for forever.

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